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tv   Wake Up Early With the Wagners  NBC  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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sthcoe relias weord wepe topud o 8 'lweakl ta look t aayerhe t. cnce oatof s trms wkend cgomin up. > da> : naeabrngkiew n lstas tnigh. anff orice ivenvold sinhootg. eth w man whoasho st by an ffoicerd ha ae fak i gunn his hand. haedppenu aro 8as ltig nht neasar las veg bvaouleta tnwisesseubia e mti w wasngaivi gtheatun ma p.ple ttheyhthouguns wa fariea r cpoliedrriv a m aiftled olo flowtr insouctions s an oerfficot sh the man. ithbrinhim mul shoano he t wasonake e w umcith noenlif btehreagninenj ci >> : kimiebernde sanasrs hontin beer ngtakifi seltes ahrohi tiocat hen's i tsh flere thentil tht.omen sseem b toere vyen fridly and
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erevoybdy who sticks theirs out. here is another selfie. as we take in these livese igemas, i it sserupue taysd and all of e thndcaatid leskeier beni sanders are hoping tota sny iv eth race. >> an d ta:cyraot p htsas a preehavou y. >> al dondesosm truopp h ting b arr fun rner ss.tatu >> a vote for donald trump tomorrow is aot voe fr cntli nrembe >> c mns inwinnisg hme ho s,tate.exasna v ha>> wet wl wil i seeotclelievinmbres i lddonamp tru m andgominga b ani siganfichut c onkf detleganes ad eryveeon eselar f hibend. th>> cereould beub trole for umtrhip tser supue t.sday trump rcteje shis otetantro psmiseo to close the border.r ou>> yul sho td beleroub ad by idcandthate elat tthls "we ne
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heanotr. on>> d srumpdhoul clahe ta toel rease the audio seo w can ese w ihatt is heru tly libe.evesudw i>>nk thill we'yorette t" anthpl peonk thi d nt cliuds iinlookasg p tuyesdaoinocusng o p.rump a >>omt stoine c'tcentu j wsayvehateor pntps iouo year hd yifanou wot tra pntside tofnihe u stedestat ofme a.rica >> : kimboin anut ar hour fom wnowee'r going to talk live w tithracy about what hnsappe eebetwn now and 5:30h tis rethe a is lot going w umtrp. hendedperesua datuese mpcainaignthg wiig a bly ral in geaorgi g and aotrngelpiosd han do frdf boles nam na.scar
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el,liotur crentri dsver ryan annewm andav did raiegn. tr jumpgokint tha s thertuppo o arnasc flo anea us pmh hico tintoirhe cneg hed saiouit we ld bgha niatt th icamerwoans mauld es thnte sthialoricni tur.oint os d d >> aana:ye 25-ldar-oan wom ermurdined e ve driihootng. lpoiceon cetinuo tea s frchor eth ger aanosor memcare the w haedppen. eythe wer cononfrtedy b aec sond velehic andho st. sthectuspe fired encul mletip dsrouno int tarador und anok to .off dsheied of ael g wshot ound head. theal mnan ihe tar c eddi isths ia se senlessnd
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there psonho wle kilerd h incous. >> ie hopt its eaou yp, uv eery chance yestotge eitope ts hea t_ yokeu lis it'agatin u meigp rht now. itot's nht rig. sidhe dn'tes derveca tme d >> pana:e olic yneedheour lp. if k you anowinnythbg a tout cr,imeas pleale c eri c opst.pers im>> kbo: elmbsh tlheer othay d tafarer m tkingnhe oee yar nianarversy of ari horficsh cra atth t tookeewo tnns i our mmcoy.unit asit w at theds han of the man wthatasintandng it tha cooourtrm. heit admteddr givinun drkn whe heit hnd ail kledhe twose t youngom wen. histt ayorneay singn iou crthe t otheray dha tist hli cent acscept rnsespoitibilry fo the crash ahend is rseemor.ful gthesirls mom areps uet nowis h deefensit whhi ts gyuiltle pa dcouln meaa lresse snentece. heul codac fpe u to 40rs yea in
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guar ting hhate'si hoporng f the bo ttomend of allf o that, two ye farsorh eacea dth. hor,weve af ooppe aleid yisancng ingludi m thersotheen rehes it'gonot toing ng bri ethoslra adols girl k. bac >> y thee ar c atheyevre nveer einr gog to coacme bk. wee arve ne_e se yas he t chtou2 rm, the djo t chwatm thew gro up or have adult velis. im>> ke: w g are toingeeo ssusa fobe jre a ludgelyocali atthll wie b a8il 1isor hti ntsengenciri heaupng sd pose arst 8t atin:30 m fbeeore wet g a to t, tha atheyoire gsie havfic p bauerbeche , teil fambe memfrs o theseic vs.tim git'sg ointo be at0 2:3 to mrerembese thoes livt. los an>> daa: lot ofpl peoe tcwaghincaroadigst r lnowove thera cckerre barl
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yo gu toaes thione. itin's fzo ari ana,r houc ayawsm laaueas veg kecracarr b irelng goio tpe on twooc lonatis hinere h te eyvall. k >>weim: j're gustinettg testard on this srupesd tueay. oals t inhe news afyerriing motmenri a d pver ilows anto gas mppu. lives. sin weyoake tu to ane sces in tsidenvhe igaestiload ahen an>> dara: andon a irewsarn tea inou a comrtro d teyistifbong ahaut tcrt semed nuidde vhaeo ts t wan take hes. im>> ken: thll stie comas we akte aiv leoo lkt a ourab fsulou
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n robiheof tolhe p >> a danve: litu picres cgomin tou of vnirgiia. ptheolls aren opere the and apntpareobly nodyws knoaolbo a it. >> tkim: aheyenppar htlyes. da br ieakhn totio acthf t wdi yanio actorefishreictu. an>> dmoa: ren tha10te stas datoy. vo otesutgotin lay tod. >> : kimslet' go to ad wileo vid tou ofas tex. av driersh craedo intis th g um i andasg cauhte. tap
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hish cenildrut o ofhe tar c beforehe tunhocla fst de mor ine.tens ycanolgi imafuin havoug yes kid siinhede tr ca a telim t lonony wen s t tothe spholitaer aft this. dtheerriv justt los colontr and keunlinyly arg charees an goig ot bei fd.le im>> ke: wak teou y to tan anfro ciscarbay orea ftes deno a atdramn ce s sasseyou a s_lha t omfr bhogh cauobabir f ae at alti sta enhappa es yrdte.ay rfi cewsred f inout ou abesinut cepolil telhaus te t thwabus s ptemriy du tngirhe fnde an thaun ogosdnesiur inj .port >> a dant: i g vtingery instere otinghen tep rcublian sideit whar mcoub r takine otsh ds atldona .rumpr an oweeanis i comparingt i to a fsamous kid mieov.
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thwi n youew > m:> kico welacme bok t the raprogm. ybo was itonmotiornd fr v.]ea rson. erre andtahe s stteinifybog a that stecre enudde vihao tast wos ptedn o thent iterneor fll ao tee s. shero bkeow dnn iea trst a selverafe diftrennt poi tgkinere ouabwt hotessh auna seds he ihito tst d shtf suf fersan pciksttacr dlyai basis because of this indcit.en eshcr sdeameo sou ldlyhe wn she re dhe te te iid vel hotlo emp eweron cedcernut abo heret safy.
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ulcocode havil easemplvo ae i>> cohauld eeve bopn stped. thare mtriotul coavd ha le cal me anda seid w areio p h aan mat th retquesoed t be nexto t youn ad ild wouav hae clledh te cops. i'm so mad. erinnd awsres i noty onlng sui mthean rnsespo fibleor sinhootg eth videod anas wvi concted for stngalki herha s but she's tuinghe rrma wiott there thisce pla. 'wetall s tan on t vedeenlopmsts a itk worsou thrgh ethrt coute sysm. th>> ite un sedstateus jtice padentrtme't cance for app toll preovide th.b f.i.h witat da from ak locabon ipheng druad secarok bro tge judtis dec sionrtuppos e'appltas s nceoon nt asiccesng
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hifes wi. osthre a ka trehen i nsadena bero.rdin e'appl oioositsp gornventme ttiacscas hvo edke aat nnioaleb dater oveio natnal setycuri andri pyvac rs.ight >> : kimni'm urot se w khatind of going away p tarty wheyill have for him. otsctly kellaca dre pngparielmeo coev dbackheown odre tftay aer ensp adingr yearidt ar teiniornatspnal saceontati. oss hi c mrentioisspaa h stla40ed 3s day. hinisst laef briinght rigsu fobeere hds hea m,omed tol porersrte's heee flinggo od. af htereds lan,ll he' bloe fwn toou h.ston 'hendll uoer g aat b oteryf tests. onfe o the rsson tbut wanenpu iherecas beeb t hiswin brrothe t and wheye a o t suni erdiffesencw bet heen.he t hu bmanody ages,e on inpa sce
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>> a: dan w i tant hoearm fro him utaboat wh he mdisse mostbo aut inbepg ure the for a year. rethead h b toe psluse a nmi.uses vithe hews taveeo b uedatch hebut ba prowably ants qu secheeeburg >> : kimlykelns joitu w fostrecab el>> kwhly: s at ioihe gong t fieat wrst hhenome come? ihambou wuesro pybablanlly:it w chcaeeseke. we l'renooki \ tn elim tap lse racamem frote yes,rdays tonof shsunineos acr tshemirea. th w ttighhrouay chmutr a\sreh higa.ou clds, t buthat aswou abtit . aars f t asheem ttuperaresig rht no aw,sou yp hutad ohe tr doo midnd app uer0' 5scr aoss the eyvall. tamouneze edga
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valleynd a we etxpecin wds to ystaht ligou thrtghouh te day. ytoda w weill see a fewe mor dsclouha tn w whateaw s eryestday. wee hav a drbistuance mgovin toin theth souwest aecnd bause fo w itell wie hav a few high thloin cudsck tran. thige hhda to2,y 8ha ttil wl tie theec rordet s 1in986. gli whtdsinon tt.igh low adroun 56. mo cstlylear skiesnd aen sevy-da fostreca i, 82s a paropul ernumb. athst i the highom tworrod an sthurday. dafriy a few more cdslou mgovint .in eg80-d.rees e we'rl stilhiwatchang ttt sorm sy.stemore lolioks unke sinday onto mday thare stimt tooe likks lmo pungshik baceoupl mrs hou oscloer tqin:00 de inevenatg th e llwigr be ifeat ca we t n ge trainldo ho j offa ust lelitte. bi
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a photographer at a donald trumpo rawally abs grarbed tounda ne ack sndmmla tedtho gre ndou by a secret service agent. that's the phogrtoheaponr he t ougrignd fg htin.back hthisneappestd yey erdaat a rainlly virginia. time magazine photographer said he stepped 18 inches outside thec mea dinelahe wthn age t entpu hihas s ndouar hnd i' sven eee thrvsulleicean devio. it is a very violent incident. that is why mroren io spset. time released a statement saying they reached out too scret rvsee ic ftod intouha wl haedppen. im>> k'r: we fe onnoor a ttherwo urhoyos, ilu wel ste i t onhis brasoadc pemis^d twe yakeilao tnso hi orisor fth anoa hoscinhootg. isthpe hapns soen oftw no w itas tnolyights new lastig nht. rfoude stuntsur ht at the
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it wl ar4-yed-olnonttuderno atthcdpenedui wthins thi, .jrh higet caferiate yesy.rda otwde stuntst sho adnwo tth oser rthury tginto e gout oft he t acple. alofl he tnj iieurnos ifnle rethinatendg an s theerhootk too ioffhn teld bui aingndpp droed ethp weaon. swand founten takatdyusto eanher tch soolun grods. icpole sayhe tyav he doav he vemoti t but asrele iing aaris tho t llwe' stay on t oopf those lodevetpmens. wee hav ala^avi pretemotha wente peexarn oray tod. >> m trundp an clitonin ridg vewasf oe momntumin to the ggbi destayo sar f. th tisimeom tworro,i wll wee b taglkinbo autem thoc lking up eithp in nomnsatio ianensidk loocldi hor tng,
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ersuffm fro is hablnd aar tos cmp i iactt ance haverraam fily. dan wee havo j-l t andina fey wheen w srtta on aue tsday rnmo hingere onay tod. >> a: dan k who tnew thathene owr tofoshe lng aeles celipp cocu u yoabare touteeo s it. thuro intedduc^ nheirew scmaot. th ierehes twn o,erde dsoe hlikeane ck dunyou? >> notus jty bok loingt aim h. iw kno the so ino ktw i can bene do. d >> aana:diccorong ta hi clrsippestsi web cte, ehuckiembods ethas psionndel reentlriss dve of steveme balr. lookt ay elis hac fe. >> : kimihe dd have a little
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bt'ut isti sllssmpre.ive >> a: dano nst que hionl acprdticet thatr aiagn. ki>> onm: d taldprumd use to inbeng i h theotat se, peesllciaony eebata .tage twemlaba ere whesto un strenaurahet tanre wots ta e seki thhow ue g dds holonra en iota hstar enov. ti sn whe en el asientudis artt ddis thilentle whoe iltenc dwing danye eespieciry 't canid deced bto iaket. o sit'she ton daldiz pza, sclasiche c aeseaknd bed in a stone fdireov en. >> a: dan y ifreou a egatinat th, uyoel wuna ai hecr b yause aextres chenan o: ther. hai >> : kimhi notewng n for idpresalentidi cansdate to go rafteh eacer oth. 'vweeee bnin seeg this for years nd e. >> a: dant note quie lik thiss
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'site benn dowig rhtas ntame >>hi w och tfcomool fnglowiesot n anua act 2lly c016igampan in?sult >>ke maur se hisan ptser wen't wet. >> lguyhe fub rsio iolde cab bampa y >>016?oi g tng cegadoow n c byba now.ra >> ternsws c. >> m,oron jerk. >> s albchoo foyt ighfor the idpresy.enc >> i call h limleittco mar. atthha's wt he h >> ae'sslwaya cgllin meseittl\l armco. i>> l mttleouth onim,in dg, ,.ding yo>> uw kno what tyhe saybo aut miten wmah sllan hds, youan c't ttrushe tm. >> whota srtedudhis? >>rt staed it. >>udomenut bz_ns i oteadlif sngngi mud, thedonalpeve lin sl wging
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bruio whit a tnendecy s totwea etbulls. ioo l akedt thedl puden oo dehe t ndgrou s and waid ihat that. >> donald doesn't sweat because hofis prsou a lgg closto. sp trayan. >> iwhatexs nst i bter ri saprt rir the suin?lts thean ctedidasay me hat thes espruts by the intart soe liknc armho.en ou>> yr hair looks stupid. lo h >>ly fginr andoue oto hira focerne o. >> at leastl tyhere atn'queha wgckin cheaer othuerzit wnt aasenn yet. on>> dald trump likesalueo s m
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wheroev t didhato ti hs face. >> dana: trp um gisdoo athi t >> im k t:on sas btkellba ate lmrneag inhetar h wdtha
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ov up. >> dana: weo g trho eodsl inda rfohe tha ciomphinspam ge.
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ai arndtrs wind - one?hat ju ththe oeaer totm gee the ball and called aim touehitne oec sndo ftle. whtaan che tyo dl wthine oec sdon le?ft k>>: imatth. >> an d ca: yanou believe that? they thought they had won. th oeerthea tnsin i dramatic fashiond anhe t crowd goes y.craz >> none old wouie belve it. >> wnowave hhee t veido t eprovip vat. in >> lkim:ck chehe refotcas f one tinaleefor weo.d heao inthe tex ntou hr. k >>: ellyumpahrp at8. 4 theseem ttuperares goingo ti rse klquicy. shigha tod ty inhe 8 wwhentue reorn tma noroml c pu t in nhemp an>> dina: ersixclusu conmer resporty thet teso see if uijlece csanse ryeall work.
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stedoppa bec ousef 6:00. >> : kimak bre ning hews erein asleg vas. aet mroff oicerho sgotin a sut spechein tou sstthwe s tofown. whe'at weave l wrned mhile oanyf ouye werep sleing. we s'll iharecehe a >> a danrp: suinrisopevel.mentio lthat mocalccan af o indriv 0 10smiler houinillg twona teesgerit admos t the
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u'yo gregoino t hrearo fm ofne o mthereeasufs o theic v.tims im>> kxc: evelusily on"w on ake uph wit the wrsagne t,"hose jueicle csean jsstua ahefd o ngsprire b,ak uyoha w wt aant be bachody andoi gngo tea rch oforne ofh tese. consumerep rtsor rlsevea what is inaqophe tee thrcu >>s thiwais "p ke u twith erwagn an>> d:0a: 5 t0 ontuhis y.esdade plivereictut s ouirof va.giniira, ane d ths pollopare n en orsupe datuest y buneno ows knout aboeum it im>> kt : nohiat trts paaricul tilocaon. aspr we lyoperco weloume y in. m kidanan d waneag rvelin islawa veasg lo wokather wn cgau: ltesths 3any p mis nuteob thisere ni bernde sa wersngalki hintoois pgllinr rmveont. d >> tana:heyea relsedhe t telastum nerbs oown huc mhhsey mon .acedsi
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invehe,olls hcunerai rtt pre mgoody one tinon mth of brfe,uary d heid ok. soks looi lke's heo g tingeo b ar foundaor hi wle. hoe'w hsoi gngo to dod taye' wll findut o inr unbo a2ut 1 rou hrs. k >>heim: ut's oed pacsi predent aobma w aith tllndhe iuividal ricontonbutis, a lot of them thhrougnenterit lke esprntidema obad dik bac t day. wee havr youobamit polupoundn hedader youb eabrgkin n g tindu fi arstck quik looahe trcaffiit sonuati. om>> t h: iepad r oortf an cactiden at fnglamindo ar hea .hon alghthourmhaon. just check tlravee timos frmhe t n215,oay del woehats.ver inlookoog gd on t15he and on ethel baytw. slet' get to your srupe tdauesy weerathh witel kly.


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